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Apr 28, 2022

In conversation with Dr. Tyler Derreth- co-hosted by Dr. Ronica Rooks and Dr. Gayle Walter from the PHP Special Issue: The Pedagogy of Antiracism

In this @PHP_SOPHE podcast, Dr. Ronica Rooks (@RonicaRooks) and Dr. Gayle Walter (@gwalter1409) talk with Dr. R. Tyler Derreth (@drderreth) about his paper with co-authors, Dr. Vanya Jones and Mindi B. Levin, entitled, “Preparing Public Health Professionals to Address Social Injustices Through Critical Service-Learning.” The authors discuss the importance of critical applications of experiential learning and their work at the SOURCE, the Service-Learning and Community Engagement Center at John Hopkins University.  

This podcast is based on the Pedagogy in Health Promotion special issue on “The Pedagogy of Antiracism.”  You can view this article as well as the entire issue at 

You can also find the transcript for this episode here.